“Rushing … IN!!!!!”

your fliers are open.

Lesang Dikgole
2 min readJan 16, 2020


A Song

I think you got them flea-bugs.

I think you are lame but like them tea-pots

Mama, you like even them tea-squads.


I hate the game!

I stay the same!

I stay in my lane!


State my game.

It…is… lame!

And I’m oh-wohhh-ok with it!

Daddy dildo; how much them stored

How far driven nooeee

We have rules fooees

I see the fuuuteeeeor, I see the meteoooor-iite

I keep it flowing mom, I know the pasta — rice

Without the stiffy paap, I sense the hate squad..

I even force them rhymes, I kill them buster-fun (neeeers)

You couldn’t bust them could you, You even love them don’t you?

I keep them sense of rules, You even even break them don’t you?


I even hate them cloohhhbs; they have no actual love; I show them actual law

They thinking…. actual snob; they even throw them giirrrls; I feel it, now it’s done…

Sinking… in actual bloood; I rinse even them the cups; I clean for… the love…


Don’t even see the point; explaining them the drive ; they pry with sacred love.

They even dare to ask; moving them the pooohsts; they thinking “fuck it”, I’m done

They clueless about the point; with obedience, all be fine; stop break-into all my vibes!


Love. Obedience. Beauty!