RULED by the Evils, Part III

Demon “possessions”

Lesang Dikgole
2 min readJan 24, 2020


The Trial

The Naked Drude,

Oh Naked Drude,

The tribunal is here

Naked Drude,

Oh Naked Drude,

The flies, what are they doing here?

Naked Drude,

Why are you naked Drude?

Fine, but why do it here?

Naked Drude,

Flies, naked drude…

They like it here!?!

Naked Drude,

Bread, naked drude

Cannot be had here.

Naked Drude,

Fake, naked drude

I feign, if you’re even real.

The accumulation game doesn’t work. Remember, the Anger Antidote!

Which makes one wonder; what exactly, is demon “possession”?

Possession of “evil spirit” or of goods from money?

It turns out.

It is both!

It is all about the stolen gold.

True gold? Yes; that’s true gold.

Forms? Yes; only Holy Ghost.

Transforms? No; only those broken.

It is all Psychology !

Money or Ghostism…

Power or Goalism.

True soulism.

Be Frozenism.

Still brokenism.

Faith or lechery-ism.

Faint or demon-ism.

Place or float-ism.

Want me?

No lechery then.

Want you? Truth then.

No Monkeys?

Sanity then.

Freedom then.

Feeding off me?

Return the favour then.

Even today then.

Future free?

Obey God’s law then.

Even today then.

Want to please a fear?

Obey the devil then.

Even today then.


Create a city instead.

Let it all go first!


Create anger instead.

Let in God first!


Stop it now though.

Judgement comes; go!

Money or Psychology?

All the same though.

Not productive though!

Where is Sarah though!

Ruled by the Evils, III