Peter Thiel is the Western Version of China

Lesang Dikgole
5 min readNov 10, 2019

Projection of ‘fault’ is indeed a sad psychological phenomenon.

I respect Mr. Thiel, if I didn’t, he wouldn’t be worth the mention at all.

Thing is, he started to “rub me” the wrong way when I saw that his disdain for China, comes from his “double speak” on monopolistic companies like Facebook.

My Funding Round

I must, before proceeding, remain clear and firm that I will be forever grateful to Thiel for introducing me to Rene Girard, the power of “innovation”, and exposing the “lie” of competition and “small business”.

Competition, is the “fallen” state of man. Competition is, truly, the mimetic state of self-destruction. To make matters worse, “even if you win, you are still a rat!”.

Thinking “small” is equally unhelpful. Acting locally works, always. But only the true globalist can defend his local activity.

Now, we shall proceed. Thiel, like a true German, is a “power man”. I struggle, at times, to tell if he is Marxian or a Kantian. Same thing!

The problem, naturally, with power men is that they tend to be “fatalistic” in their enterprise. It is not so much that fatalists cannot think; Xi Jinping, Marx, and Thiel, clearly, are, thinkers; it is, perhaps then, purely by “accident” that most of these thinkers see “benevolent dictatorship” as the only means of goodness in the universe.

Nietzsche was at least honest! But Peter Thiel dismisses Nietzsche only for having “went mad”, and not for the fact that he could see “right through” people like him and Karl Marx!

Peter Thiel is wrong about the “source” of benevolence, it doesn’t come from monopolies, technology, and least of all, it will never come from dictators!

We could try bring up Thiel’s obsession with Trump, Xi Jinping or even his megalomaniac business partner, Mark Zuckerberg; but it is clear that the man is in love with dictatorship!

Question: is Peter Thiel a believer in dictatorship?

Answer: well, given his “authority” obsession, yes.