Obedience to Acapella, CORONA/6

Sports, competition and empiricism, #fail

Lesang Dikgole
3 min readApr 19, 2020


It is the logos, word; it also includes words, by which we will all be judged.

It is the instrument; by which the world, objects and life are created or destroyed.

It is a song; by which children are born and our cities are borne.

The Construct

Clayton Christensen / Eliyahu Goldratt, Peter Thiel / Rene Girard, and Nicolas Taleb / Steve Jobs have honestly questioned the current paradigms of rules, competition and definitions of success.

The preeminent construct was that of guilt, inadequate “birth”, and power attained through gradually enforced strength. Gradually enforced strength materialises through the various instruments of sport, competition and the various empirical disciplines (including physics, instrumental-music and politics).

Clayton Christensen forthtells the reality of life not as a series of year-on-year grades; but as concentric circles of good vs. evil decisions; each of which lead us either into further discordant darkness or harmonic beauty.

Eliyahu Goldratt applies this construct also to business and describes it as a fools’ gold; the true gold, Goldratt proclaims, is contained in the “wholeness” of the output, not necessarily all the individual elements performing at their most optimal sport; the negative correlation does exist, Goldratt insists, between individual performance and ensemble performance.

Peter Thiel uncovered the old truism that not only does competition destroy value, it also does destroy meaning and the entire reason for human productivity ; it is not so much that what we, humans, have learned so far about “being human” is invaluable and useless, it is just that the “standard” we currently use is not PRODUCIVE of new realities, inventions and arts; we thus need, Thiel argues, a paradigm for innovation as the ultimate means of wealth, health and prosperity.

Rene Girard provides a resolution to the “fake” dialectic of weakness vs. strength as promulgated by the likes of Hegel, Darwin, and Nietzsche; he shines a bright light upon the darkness that the modern world has been thrusted into, which is to believe in fear/socialism and desire/capitalism as the only means for human progress; progressivism, Girard sustains, is achieved through communion, which is exclusively mediated through the sacrifice of blood.

Nicolas Taleb also breaks the empiricist’s mould through his book “Fools of Randomness” by showcasing the insipidity of pride or shame as mediated by one’s stature in life; in his “Black Swan” book, he demonstrates the foolhardiness of believing what one has seen, even if one sees only “goodness” through their recording senses; being antifragile, Taleb argues in his Magnum Opus, involves the ability to not only anticipate evil as necessary for life but also for greatness (aka “post traumatic SUCCESS”).

Steve Jobs gave us phones, macs and distribution channels for new products, music and movies but he also gave us a production system for escaping the clutches of currently overly-competitive retail channels; he gave us a paradigm for “apprehending” new product models, via the channel of operational “productivity” reasoning; and he at last allowed us to care about art, engineering and design!


The Corona pandemic has shown the “old order” that their construct was altogether faulty and meaningless.

All banks, sport organisations and legal orders now have to account!!!

Whence doth power come from? Except be through acapella? Where is this logos?

END I/6.