Naked Drude, VI (ND 1/12)


Lesang Dikgole
2 min readJan 4, 2020


There are twelve compartments inside the naked drude’s office. They are made up of glass, clay and those recycled ply-thin-boards that are meant to add a rustic look to the design of each compartment.

It could be that I couldn’t tell what the actual material is, all I could sense for sure was that the material wasn’t very strong. Sense? Yes, I say “sense” as I was too afraid to even go near it, for fear that it could all but crumble if one dared to step closer.

It was a weirdly dark office; with all manner of smoke, smell and soupy atmosphere. Naturally, I found it a little repulsive… But the naked drude assured me, that he believed even the office itself (he designed and built it himself, and he boasted to have only spent $20 and three days for the whole project) could be worth upwards of $100m just due to its unique texture, inventiveness and “the name of its architect”.

My Disgust

I ventured to say that it was all good and well that he did indeed achieve a feat of sorts; but there wasn’t much to say to confirm or disconfirm the rest of the drude’s claims, presence and speech.

It was odd that the drude was “open” about his physical presence, naked; open, about his approach to quality, cheap; and open, about his approach to value, shallow.

Perhaps then, I could have a quick relook at everything I knew and have believed…


I reject everything not based on truth.

I reject everything not related to the Christian message of grace.

I reject everything that replaces God with man.

The Trial

The Naked Drude,

Oh Naked Drude,

The tribunal is here

Naked Drude,

Oh Naked Drude,

The flies, what are they doing here?

Naked Drude,

Why are you naked Drude?

Fine, but why do it here?

Naked Drude,

Flies, naked drude…

They like it here!?!

Naked Drude,

Bread, naked drude

Cannot be had here.

Naked Drude,

Fake, naked drude

I feign, if you’re even real.

ND, 1/12